What Speakers Have Said...


"I am looking forward to connecting with expert researchers and industrial partners to discuss the fast growing LNP development landscape, from early discovery to regulatory strategies, in order to accelerate the access of life changing medicines to patients"

Marianna Yanez Arteta

Associate Director, AstraZeneca 


"Maintaining understanding of state of the art LNP technology as it may apply to accessible products in low and middle income countries"

Dennis Lee 

Senior Program Officer, Bill & Mellinda Gates Foundation


"With increased scientific interest in delivery technologies, it’s important to stay up to date on the emerging LNP field and learn together as a delivery sciences community."

Julie Shi

Associate Director, Non-Viral Delivery, Cell Therapy Development, BMS


"Keep tracking the recent advances in this field. Great social and learning opportunities!"

Paul Peng

Director, Oligonucleotide Technical Development, Biogen 


"Hearing from state-of-the-art scientists and technologies at the front tier of LNPs production, shelf-lie and targeting approaches."

Dan Peer

Vice President for Research & Development, Tel Aviv University  


"An unique opportunity for state of the art insights into the field and future directions."

Ramsey Majzoub 

Senior Principal Scientist, Intellia Therapeutics, Inc  


"The development of novel delivery solutions for gene therapies has the potential to enable the treatment of serious diseases. LNPs are a clinically-validated delivery solution for liver and local administration; work is ongoing to expand their tropisms of additional cell- and tissue-types. To have a meeting that covers all aspects of LNP development – from discovery to scale-up – is immensely valuable"

Cory Sago

Senior Director, Head of LNP Discovery, Beam Therapeutics   


"Lipid Nanoparticles and mRNA therapeutics have entered an exciting stage of development and public awareness. Bringing together key experts from various stages of discovery, scale-up and manufacturing is important to help spread knowledge and aid further development and utilisation of this versatile drug modality"

Michael Munson 

Senior Research Scientist, AstraZeneca 


"Staying connected with progress in the field and networking with fellow scientific researchers and drug developers in the field"

Priya Karmali  

Chief Technology Officer, Capstan Therapeutics