Agenda at a Glance

Monday, April 17, 2023 - Conference Day One

Plenary Sessions - LNP as it stands: Navigating the Innovation Landscape & New Paradigms

LNP Discovery, Biology & Characterization

Adopt HTS to identify best in class LNPs for your pipeline development

Formulation Considerations & Assay Development

Enhance preformulation techniques and platforming assays to support next gen LNP applications

LNP Manufacturing & CMC

Identify lipid supply and standardized testing approaches

Lunch & Networking

LNP Discovery, Characterization, LNP-Payload Interactions

Improve biophysical characterization and control particle size, for optimized potency and efficacy

LNP Analytics & Analysis

Delve into CQAs and assays, new lipid formulation for product quality

LNP Manufacturing & CMC

Increase collaboration with your CDMOs for tech transfer and validation

Afternoon Break & Scientific Poster Session

Plenary Sessions - Next Generation LNPs & New Therapeutic Approaches

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 - Conference Day Two

Plenary Sessions - Setting Industry Standards & Genome Editing Applications

LNP Discovery, Biology & Characterization

Understand LNP cell biology and safety challenges to enable better in vivo-FIH translation

Formulation Considerations & Stability Implications

Look into methods to improve stability and shelf life to protect nanoparticle integrity and logistics

LNP Manufacturing & CMC

Achieve seamless scale-up and optimize yields

Lunch & Networking

LNP For Targeted Delivery

Enable targeted delivery of LNP to go beyond the liver

Downstream Process Development

Maximize downstream process development techniques

LNP Manufacturing & CMC

Ensure maintenance of product quality when scaling, and GMP manufacturing for large scale production

Afternoon Break & Scientific Poster Session

Plenary Sessions - The LNP-Payload Journey, Cell Therapy & Re-Establishing Mindsets

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 - Focus Day

*Please Choose 3 Workshops When Selecting the Focus Day*

LNP Discovery

Formulation & Process Development

LNP Supply & Scale Up

Workshop A

Implications of LNP Immunogenicity

Workshop D

Exploring Alternative Delivery Systems –
Polymer Nanoparticles

Workshop G

Developing LNPs As An Effective Delivery Technology for Cell Therapy Applications

Lunch & Networking

Workshop B

Leverage Tools to Overcome the Lack of In Vitro & In Vivo Correlation

Workshop E

Outlining Available Routes of Administration & Novel Delivery Modes for LNPs

Workshop H

Consistent Reference Standards for Characterization Testing of LNPs

Afternoon Break

Workshop C

Gene Editing Applications for LNPs

Workshop F

 Navigating Inherent Instability of LNP-Payload

Workshop I

Delving into Continuous Manufacturing & Scale Up Techniques in LNP