Pre-Conference Bootcamp Day

Tuesday April 12, 2022

8:30 am Welcome Coffee & Registration

9:30 am Bootcamp Leaders’ Opening Remarks

9:45 am Roundtable: Introduction to Lipid Nanoparticles, LNP Development & Lipid-Based Vectors


Lipid-based vectors have been used for decades and have a long and complex history. Despite entering a period described as the “dark ages” for lipid-based vectors, LNPs are now being used in the most widely distributed and manufactured vaccine in history. This morning interactive session will delve deeper into the history of lipid-based vectors and deepen your understanding of what makes LNPs a superior delivery vesicle.

10:15 am Automated & Scalable Microfluidic Platforms to Accelerate LNP Formulation Screening, Process Optimization & Production

  • Richard Gray Business Development Director, Particle Works


  • Showcasing platforms 20 years in the making, built on tried and tested microfluidic technology now engineered specifically for nanoparticle production
  • Automated for walk-away operation allowing rapid completion of multiple experiments utilizing re-usable chips
  • Direct scaling from screening through process optimization and GMP production saving process validation steps

10:45 am Networking Refreshment Break

11:45 am How Did LNPs Become the Most Popular Delivery Vehicle Overnight & What’s Next?


Following the morning session, this deep dive will equip attendees to learn how and why LNPs are used in the COVID-19 vaccination, why they have been so successful as delivery vesicles for the vaccine, and why they have taken over from viral vectors as the most popular delivery vesicle.

Through presentation and breakout discussions, we will cover:

  • How LNPs used for si-RNAs were repurposed for mRNA to make the COVID vaccine
  • Examining the preclinical data for the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Assessing the current LNP-mRNA synthesis methods and how to engineer for future molecules
  • Reviewing the unique features of the LNP-mRNA complex which makes the vaccine so effective
  • Addressing challenges associated with the COVID-19 vaccine including scalability and stability
  • Comparison between non-viral vectors and viral vectors, in terms of immunogenicity, antigenicity, toxicity, and efficiency
  • Is there still a space for the use of viral vectors? Discussing how these two modalities can be used in a complementary way

2:15 pm Networking & Afternoon Refreshments

3:00 pm Maximizing the Long-Term Stability of LNPs & Scaling Up LNP Manufacturing Effectively


This practical session will provide you with the unparalleled opportunity to have intimate conversations about the key challenges associated with LNP formulation and process development. Join key leaders in the field in discussing how to overcome these challenges, which novel technologies show the most future potential, and evaluate alternative nanoparticles.

This deep dive will cover:

  • Overcoming key challenges associated with LNP formulation and process developmentEvaluating ways to adapt LNP formulation parameters to increase the stability of LNPs
  • Exploring novel technology designed to enhance the stability of LNPs, including mixing techniques (microfluidics), freeze-drying, lyophilization and others
  • Discussion on the use of alternative nanoparticles to enhance stability, such as polymer nanoparticles and biological nanoparticles
  • Examination of the methods currently being used to scale up LNP manufacturing and process development
  • Analysis of adaptation of process parameters to enhance scale up

5:30 pm Bootcamp Leaders’ Closing Remarks & End of Bootcamp Day