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What was the 3rd Annual LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit About?

Powered by latest developments with LNP CRISPR gene editing in the lungs, Bayer and Acuitas uniting to strengthen their Gene Therapy portfolio, new biotech ReNAgade Therapeutics launching with $300m Series A financing, lipid nanoparticles continue to dominate biopharma pipelines in 2024 and beyond as the most successful non-viral delivery vehicle to date. Moving into novel applications from gene therapy and cell therapy, and new disease indications from oncology to rare disease, LNP are equipping scientists with the ability to deliver transformative medicines to patients.

With industry at a critical inflection point as a need to demonstrate clinical advancements for confidence to advance pipelines in 2024, the 3rd LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit united again in April with 4 tracks of carefully curated content as the industry’s one-stop-shop to evaluate and optimize LNPs end-to-end development for your given target of interest.


This was your unmissable event to hear from 400+ LNP experts on:

Successfully delivering a range of payloads from RNA, CRISPR, Oligonucleotides and beyond

An LNP 101 run down pre-conference to catch you up to speed with this ever-evolving landscape

Exploring the ever-changing landscape that is LNP patenting and navigate biopharma partnerships with the IP Patenting & Commercial Day

Lipid Discovery and Screening track: to learn how to best design, synthesize, and perform early formulation activities to enable selecting appropriate payloads and lipids and engineer your particle to control size and charge

Formulation and Delivery track: to enhance your formulation for targeted drug delivery and stability

Analytical Development and Characterization track: to uncover and develop and validation of methods to assess quality, identity and purity with accurate characterization

Process Development and Manufacturing track: to optimize manufacturing processes before transitioning from clinical scale to commercial scale with GMP compliance

As LNPs continue to take the spotlight in the drug delivery landscape, the 3rd LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit provided key lessons, case studies and practical takeaways to fast-track your LNP development. 400+ LNP experts joined together in April to stay ahead of the curve next on this wave of pioneering LNPs.

Snapshot of Last Year's Event

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Leading Companies Attending Included:

leading companies lnp

More than Just a Meeting

It has been fantastic to see our community grow over the years and continue to advance the development of LNPs.

In addition to the unrivalled scientific content in the form of presentations, panels and roundtable discussions, there was a variety of extra experiences including:

Poster Sessions

Drinks Receptions

Networking Sessions

Lunch Briefings

Site Tours

What Your Peers Have to Say

“I am looking forward to collaborating with those aiming to develop safe and effective mRNA therapeutics that require repeated administration through this great networking in the 3rd LNP summit”

Jee-Young Park, Executive Director, MediciBio

“I am excited to attend the summit due to the emergence of RNA as a therapeutic modality revolutionizing healthcare. It is exhilarating to be involved in the technological advances in LNP delivery and to hear from innovative companies at the forefront of this fast-evolving field”

Randall Moreadith, President & CEO, Serina Therapeutics