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The LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit 2022 is the only industry-led nanoparticle-focused meeting to focus solely on the challenges associated with formulation and process development.

With 22+ hours of content, 3 interactive workshops and over 2 hours of networking with key industry leaders, this comprehensive summit will bring LNP drug developers and manufacturers under one roof to share and build upon lessons learnt, case studies, novel technology, and advancements in the field.

With an emphasis on optimizing the formulation of LNP to increase stability and efficacy of delivery and enhancing process development to allow seamless transition into cGMP manufacturing and scale up, this unique peer-led summit will enable you to deepen your knowledge of developing your LNP from preclinical to commercial use, and form meaningful collaborations with partners.

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Attend this focussed summit to learn from the field’s pioneers, including Pfizer, Moderna, Ultragenyx and Strand Therapeutics, who’ll be sharing their experience and advances in:

  • Customizing your LNP formulation for your next advanced therapeutic candidate pipeline progression: allowing you to optimize your LNP and advance delivery beyond the liver
  • Discussing the physiochemical and biochemical properties of LNP to deepen your scientific understanding
  • Analyzing the use of alternative, polymer and synthetic LNPs to overcome the current raw material challenges: enabling you to rapidly scale up your LNP production
  • Optimizing process development and defining critical process parameters for an easy and efficient scale-up
  • Evaluating methods to ensure a seamless tech transfer for large scale LNP production
  • Regulatory guidance to ensure cGMP compliance

You are guaranteed to walk away from this content packed summit with valuable and actionable insights to apply to your drug development process.

Five Reasons to Attend:

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Assess emerging
technologies for
an efficient and
seamless synthesis
of LNPs with
Sanofi, Precision
and Strand

Advance the
formulation of your
LNPs to further
their therapeutic
potential and
stability as Eli
Lilly, Spark
Pfizer, and
Genentech share
their stories.

Bio and Orna
outline regulatory
CMC challenges
for LNP process
development and
potential solutions
to equip you with
smooth filing.

Daniel Shores,
Partner, Rothwell
Figg Ernst &
Manbeck discusses
strategies for
freedom to operate
and design—
around to help
you to navigate
in this complex IP

From lab to GMP,
reveals their
approach to
scale-up, to help
you achieve a
structured and
cost effective