Conference Day One: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

7:30 am Morning Coffee & Check In

8:15 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Striving for Clarity Throughout Early-Stage Discovery Through to LNP Regulatory Submission

8:30 am Introducing the Story of LNPs, Evolution & Approval of Onpattro & Beyond

  • Muthiah Manoharan Senior Vice President - Innovation Chemistry & Alnylam Distinguished Scientist, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals


  • Sharing the discovery of MC3 and discussing the impact on LNP development 
  • Exploring the process of rapidly eliminating (biodegradable) LNPs 
  • Highlighting the importance of extra-hepatic targeting with LNPs to ensure pinpoint delivery

9:00 am Roadmap to Discovery and Early Development of an mRNA loaded LNP Formulation

  • Annette Bak Head of Advanced Drug Delivery, AstraZeneca


  • LNP formulation selection concurrent with discovery target optimization
  • Process for translating it from an interesting delivery concept in discovery to a functional clinical product
  • Process scale up, analytical characterization and case studies

9:30 am Insights into Navigating GMP Manufacturing of LNPs


  • Insights into the opportunities and challenges of navigating the complexity of LNPs and diversifying applications
  • Scale-up, analytical, and facility considerations to standardize manufacturing processes and accelerate time to market
  • Strategies to leverage manufacturing workflows, processes, and technologies for different stages of clinical development

10:00 am Morning Break & Speed Networking

Track A: Screening & Delivery

Benchmarking Parameters for Lipid Selection to Ensure Efficient Sourcing

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11.15 am Repeatedly Injectable Ionizable Lipids with Reduced Immunogenicity & Inflammation Profiles

Jee-Young Park, Executive Director, MediciBio

11.45 am Democratising mRNA Therapeutics with Novel Cap Analogs & Modified NTPs

May Guo, Chief Commercial Officer, Areterna

12.15 pm Deep Diving into the Complex Relationship Between Lipids & Payload to Stabilize the LNP

Miffy Cheng, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia

12.45 pm Ask the Speakers

Your unique opportunity to ask the speakers your burning questions from the previous sessions in a dedicated Q&A session

Track B: Formulation & Delivery
Track C: Characterisation & Analytical Development
Track D: Process Development & Manufacturing

1:15 pm Networking Lunch Break

Track A: Screening & Delivery

Brainstorming the Breadth of Models Available to Convey LNP Functionality

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2.30 pm Debating the Best Proxy for In Vivo LNP Delivery Across a Variety of Animal Models

Hilary Danz, Senior Scientist, Sanofi mRNA Center of Excellence

3.00 pm Exploring the Translational Potential of Organoids as a Viable Model for LNPs

Tobias Raabe, Research Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Track B: Formulation & Delivery
Track C: Characterisation & Analytical Development
Track D: Process Development & Manufacturing

3:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break & Poster Session

Foreshadowing the Future of LNP – Maximizing Machine Learning & Automated LNP Design

4:15 pm Structure-Activity Relationships of Ionizable Lipids for mRNA Vaccines


  • Optimizing ionizable lipids for intramuscular mRNA delivery
  • Comparing the biodegradability of ionizable lipids
  • Decoupling lipid-associated inflammation and immunogenicity for mRNA vaccines

4:45 pm Advancing AI and ML to Develop World-First LNPs for Muscle Cell Targeting via Intravenous Administration

  • Chris Lai Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Metis Pharmaceuticals


  • Pioneering the use of AI and ML in the development of LNPs designed for precision extra-hepatic targeting.
  • Unveiling novel LNPs with capability to target skeletal and cardiac muscle cells following intravenous administration, without using active targeting moieties.
  • Presenting in vivo transfection data in various murine models, demonstrating precise muscle cell transfection and liver detargeting.

5:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:30 pm End of Conference Day One & Poster Session

5:30 pm Drinks Reception