Conference Day One & Two

A Snapshot of Our Conference Day One & Two Plenary Sessions


Introducing the Story of LNPs, Evolution & Approval of Onpattro & Beyond

• Sharing the discovery of MC3 and discussing the impact on LNP development
• Exploring the process of rapidly eliminating (biodegradable) LNPs
• Highlighting the importance of extra-hepatic targeting with LNPs to ensure pinpoint delivery



Mapping the Roadmap to Discovery & Early Development of mRNA through Non-Viral Drug Delivery

• LNPs and other delivery systems overview including best use
• Discovering and optimizing non-viral delivery systems fast and efficiently
• Outline the process for translating them from interesting delivery concepts in discovery to functional clinical products


Summary of Conference Day One & Conference Day Two Tracks & Benefits

Track A: Discovery & Screening:

  • Navigating the complex lipid library
  • Seeking the correct model to screen LNPs
  • Understanding relationship between payload and LNP
  • Maintaining control of biodistribution to reach previously undruggable targets
  • Supercharging Automated Screening methods

Track B: Formulation & Delivery:

  • Ensuring extra-hepatic LNP delivery with pinpoint organ targeting
  • Formulating a stable LNP
  • Reducing the occurrence of toxic outcomes upon formulation of LNPs
  • Utilising machine learning & automation to formulate LNPs
  • Analysing the advanced technology available to formulate next generation LNP drug products

Track C: Characterization & Analytical Development:

  • Maximizing the advanced analytical technology available to drug developers currently
  • Understanding the impact of empty LNPs and characterizing the occurrence of non -encapsulated LNPs
  • Establishing consistent CQAs (Critical Quality Attributes) across LNP development
  • Evaluating the PDI variance across an LNP sample

Track D: Process Development & Manufacturing:

  • Understanding the temperature dynamics to ensure stability of LNPs
  • Ensuring maximal Purity of LNPs throughout process development
  • Limiting the loss of yield during filtration of the LNP drug product  
  • Turbocharging an efficient scale up of LNPs with a smooth transition between phase development
  • Establishing consistency in the tech transfer of LNPs to standardize manufacture

Recommended job titles for this track:

LNP / Lipid Discovery, LNP Screening, Particle Engineering, LNP Chemistry

Recommended job titles for this track:

Pre-Formulation, Delivery, Formulation, Stability, Drug Substance

Recommended job titles for this track:

Analytical Development, Bioanalytical, Characterization, Assay Development

Recommended job titles for this track:

Manufacturing, GMP, CMC, QC, QA, Tech Transfer, MSAT, Process Development, Process Optimization, Drug Product

A Snapshot of Our Conference Day One & Two World Class Speakers

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