Fast Track Your End-to-End LNP Development, Entering into Gene Therapy to Vaccination
& Beyond with Safety & IP Confidence for Accelerated Approval

Meeting Starts In:


Delivering the Therapeutic Potential of LNPs at Your Flagship LNP Platform

Advancing LNPs to Deliver Novel Payloads With Specificity, Stability & Scalability

Join the ever-growing community of LNP pioneers as they tackle the challenges associated with developing safe, compliant and efficacious LNPs. This starts with the in vitro discovery of LNPs through to the manufacturing processes, with end-to-end synergy fundamental.

Hear from returning industry powerhouses including Pfizer, Moderna and Alnylam alongside new companies to share their insights to this community such as Capstan Therapeutics, AbbVie, Mana Bio, Serina Therapeutics, Karma Biotechnologies and more.

With an expanded content offering a 4-track and 4-day summit format, we continue to be the most comprehensive, premium LNP content available to industry.

Leading Companies Attending Include:


Expert Speakers


Industry Leaders


Roundtables & Discussions


Hours of Dedicated Networking

Your World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Qin Zou

Group Leader & Associate Research Fellow


Mark Brader

Biotech Product Development Scientist Group Leader


Muthiah Manoharan

Senior Vice President - Innovation Chemistry & Alnylam Distinguished Scientist

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Annette Bak

Head of Advanced Drug Delivery


Yanjie Bao

Senior Director - Drug Product Development & Manufacturing


Julien Couture-Senecal


Azane Therapeutics

Randall Moreadith

Chief Development Officer

Serina Therapeutics

Lin-Xian Li

Co-Founder & CEO

Innorna Co. Ltd

What's On?

More than just a meeting...

It has been fantastic to see our community grow over the years and continue to advance the development of LNPs.

In addition to the unrivalled scientific content in the form of presentations, panels and roundtable discussions, there will be a variety of extra experiences to allow you to get maximum ROI out of your time at the conference.

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4-Track Conference

The flagship summit returns and with it it brings back it's famed end-to-end conference programme full of unrivalled scientific content in the form of presentations, panels and roundtable discussions. This year, benefit from 4 parallel tracks of content to provide for all members of the team.

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New! LNP 101 Day

Looking at expanding into the LNP space? We have the meeting for you! Take a look at our new-for-2024 Pre-Conference LNP 101 Day, taking place before the main conference programme kicks off to give you and your team a solid foundation for leveraging LNPs as a powerful delivery vehicle.

Lunch Briefing 2

4-Track Workshop Day

Join our Pre-Conference Workshop Day to get a deep dive into key challenges within the space across Discovery & Screening, Formulation & Delivery, Characterization & Analytical Development and Process Development & Manufacturing.


New! IP Patenting & Commercial Partnerships Day

With a volatile LNP landscape and litigation more rife in the industry than ever, don't miss this unique chance to enhance your understanding of the intellectual property landscape in the LNP field, gaining clarity on collaborative practices while ensuring compliance with legal boundaries.

Poster Session 2

Poster Session

Interested in hearing what your peers are up to, or even sharing research of your own? Then don't miss our poster session sharing the latest innovations as part of the main conference programme with no extra charge.

Drinks Reception 2

Networking Opportunities

Nothing says LNP Formulation & Process Development Summit like dedicated networking opportunities! Take part in drinks receptionsspeed networking opportunities, lunch briefings and more with 400+ biopharma experts dedicated to progressing LNPs.

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Screenshot 2023-11-15 084732
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Screenshot 2023-11-15 084937

2024 Lead Partner:

"Hearing from state-of-the-art scientists and technologies at the front tier of LNPs production, shelf-lie and targeting approaches."

Dan Peer, Vice President for Research & Development,Tel Aviv University

"Lipid Nanoparticles and mRNA therapeutics have entered an exciting stage of development and public awareness.
Bringing together key experts from various stages of discovery, scale-up and manufacturing is important to help spread knowledge and aid further development and utilization of this versatile drug modality"

Michael Munson, Senior Research ScientistAstraZeneca

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