Pre-Conference LNP 101 Day: Monday, April 29, 2024

9:15 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:30 am Introducing LNPs as the Future of Drug Delivery to Establish Context of the Developments to Date


  • Overviewing the history of LNPs to appreciate the rapid development of the delivery vehicle
  • Sharing the basic mechanisms of LNPs to reaffirm the structural and functional properties
  • Highlighting the key bottlenecks throughout LNP development currently being addressed throughout industry and academia

10:15 am Evaluating the Current State of Play in 2024 to Convey the Key Priorities for LNP Development


  • Considering the necessary steps to advance more LNP drug products through to the clinic
  • Spotlighting the current disease indications accessible for LNPs as well as the gaps currently unreachable
  • Reviewing the breadth of drug substances currently delivered within LNPs, as the field moves beyond mRNA

11:00 am Morning Break

12:00 pm Honing the Fundamental LNP Components to Provide Clarity for What Is Required to Formulate a Functional LNP


  • Exploring the 4 key lipids within an LNP and their role to support functionality
  • Enlightening the role of conjugates and surface markers in the delivery of LNP to target organs
  • Understanding the dynamic of lipid components and the payload to assure stability of formulation 

12:30 pm Reflecting on the Design & Development of LNP Delivery Platforms for Nucleic Acid Therapeutics


  • Revealing industrial perspective on discovery and development of nanomedicines specific for diseases
  • Considering design, characterization and translation across species
  • Reviewing the opportunities for next generation delivery systems 

1:00 pm Lunch & Networking

2:00 pm Roundtable Discussion: Evaluating the Progress Made by Biopharma, Biotech & Academia & the Hurdles Still to Overcome

  • Ilaria Caserta Medical Science Liaison, Astellas Innovation Management LLC


  • Collaborating to establish what the LNP field are currently excelling in and significant success stories of 2024
  • Accepting areas of focus to drive more LNP products closer to commercialization
  • Benchmarking phase to phase success to outline realistic roadmap from concept to clinic 

3:00 pm Speaker Q&A


Have your burning questions answered by the expert speaker panel to help strengthen your grasp on the latest LNP advancements 

3:15 pm End of Pre-Conference LNP 101 Day